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At Love Craft Guru, we understand the needs that exist within couples and individuals, to improve their quality of life.

With a staggering divorce rate in South Africa, which is growing year to year, we see an opportunity to change these stats. It has been proven that infidelity is one of the mayor causes of these high divorce rates. Due to the stress of daily living, couples often find that their love life starts to become monotonous and they struggle to keep things "fresh" between the sheets. When this happens, the relationship often falls into a rut and individuals find what they need outside of the relationship. Whether intentionally or just by taking advantage of an exciting opportunity, that presented itself.

So what can we do to avoid becoming just another statistic?

We all know that sex is the best way of releasing tension. It is time that we all start being more open minded to the tools that are available, to help us keep our love life, "fresh" and interesting.

Love Craft Guru can assist you with this! We offer a wide range of products to spice up any relationship, from the novice to the professional.

As Woody Allen states: "Is sex dirty? ........only if done right!"

Lets work on those statistics together and change them for the better...


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