Love Craft Guru Introduction

Love Craft Guru is a company that was established with one specific aim in tumblr_lfqvj3ax4s1qz7ltxo1_500mind. We want people to be more open about sex. Remove the connotation that it is dirty and something that needs to be only spoken of behind closed doors.

With the multitude of advantages that exists with a healthy sex life it is import that people embrace this instead of hiding it away.

With the high divorce rates in our country we feel that something can be done to improve these stats. The aim would be for partners to be more open to each other’s needs and try to keep their sex life fresh and interesting. With daily stresses and the demand that family life puts on individuals it is important that we make time to unwind. As a proven fact, sex if the best way to release those stresses that we come across on a daily basis.

Black-OrgasmAlthough sex is the answer, partners are often faced with a sex life that becomes monotonous and that causes the relationship to fall into a rut. When this happens individuals often try and find what they need outside of the relationship. This is why infidelity is one of the mayor contributing factors to the high divorce rates.

Marriages fail and the kids are left behind. To avoid that from happening, why don’t we start embracing the tools that is available to assist us in spicing up our relationships. Love Craft Guru has everything that you need to do just that without having to face the judgemental stares from the rest of society.

Let’s all get involved in making individuals and society more open minded to fight the stats.



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