Manix Play Condoms


With this variety of naughty bags, you get the chance to undergo a variety of sensations and elements and surprise your partner (who will get to feel a new texture every time) each time you use something different to the previous experience – whether you want to pull an all-nighter or keep one for every day for the next two weeks, this box has got you covered.

For the more frisky and adventurous guys out there who fornicate with more than just one lass, this box will spice it up even more by making each and every encounter more special than what it already is.

Now you get to enjoy your favourite game with added features and the satisfaction of knowing that safety is provided! How can you resist?

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What is the point in purchasing six different boxes in order to have six different condoms when you can buy one box of condoms with six different condoms inside it?!

That’s right all you love making obsessed people out there – this box of Manix Play condoms gives you six different reasons to have more sex than ever before.

In this playtime box you will find a combination of the following:

  • Four Manix Skyn Original – it will feel like you’re not even wearing a condom
  • Four Manix Contact – your sensations will be intact with these sensitive ones
  • Two Manix Intense – double trouble with nerved and pearled features
  • Two Manix Xtra Pleasure – intoxicating shape with nerved features that will not only stimulate you, but your partner as well
  • Two Manix Endurance – blow her brains by lasting longer than you ever have before with a gel that delays your ejaculation
  • Two Manix Delicious Strawberry – red in colour to add to the romance and a sweet fruity taste for some dessert indulgence

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